Eating from the long tail of Italian cafés: Bocelli

Fettucini gambieri

I don't understand how this place is always packed. The prawns in my fettucini gambieri were rock hard, and my sister's penne con pollo was too salty. To make matters worse the servings were enormous. Even the best food can get overwhelming if there's too much of, and this is not the best food. It's not the worst food either, it's just very mediocre and not worth the inflated prices.

Italian food is about not being afraid to showcase your ingredients. Buying the best and treating it simply. Eating at Bocelli, you get the impression they don't really care about their ingredients. Tasteless, dry chicken. Stodgy, gummy gnocchi that's obviously bought in. The specials board was advertising 'Beef fillet on the bone' (what bone?), and when I asked whether the crab linguine special was made with fresh crab the guy taking our orders (the owner, no less), rolled his eyes and replied, "I don't know, probably frozen".

In Adelaide there are a handful of terrific Italian restaurants (Chianti Classico I can vouch for, and I've heard great things about Enoteca and Àuge), several good ones, and a long tail of mediocre ones. Bocelli fits into column three.

Bocelli Caffe Ristorante
81 Hutt St, Adelaide

Penne con pollo

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