Food blogs of note

I won't lie, this is a filler post. That said, there's nothing slack about these sites:

Jeff Varasano's NY Pizza Recipe: You know the scene in Sev7en where they're searching the killer's apartment and they find hundreds of notebooks filled with obsessive rants? This page is his pizza notebook. The site consists simply of one long page full of text and pictures covering one man's quest for the perfect pizza. It changed the way I make pizza and took away my fear of baking in general. In fact Joanna from Scalloped Edge recently make a great looking pizza using some of the tips I learned from Jeff Varasano.

Wild Yeast: My favourite baking blog. I love the satisfaction that comes with successfully cooking my own bread, but I can never maintain a regular baking schedule — I just don't have the stamina to allow my life to be ruled by the timetable of millions of yeast organisms. Even if you don't intend to bake twice a week, everyone interested in cooking should bake bread at least once from their own starter. Susan's dedication to bread is awe inspiring, and she's an excellent teacher. Her Norwich sourdough and quintessential sourdough starter tutorial are an excellent place to start.

Olive Juice: Yes, the third-person copy of the rest of the site is cringeworthy. It made me really want to dislike the site, but there's no denying that it's a great food blog. Beyond the mandatory Hummus and Tabbouleh are recipes for some Mediterranean dishes you won't find anywhere else. It's a young site and I'm astounded by how much effort each entry must take — I hope Tony can maintain the high standard.

Filler post complete.

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