Gordon Ramsay & Heston Blumenthal on YouTube

Something for those of you who are fans of Gordon Ramsay or Heston Blumenthal. A generous Dane who goes by the name Postmester is gradually uploading hours of video to YouTube featuring the two three-star chefs. Currently you can watch Ramsay's Boiling Point, Beyond Boiling Point, The F Word and some extras, and Blumenthal's In Search of Perfection, and Kitchen Chemistry. It's perfect for those who live in, say, Australia, where none of these shows (as far as I know) have been broadcast. Get them here.

They're all worth watching, but I particularly recommend Boiling Point. Filmed back when Ramsay was starting out at Royal Hospital Road and just becoming known to people outside the restaurant scene, it's a great look at where it all began. There's some delicious irony peppered throughout, such as in the first episode where he says to an interviewer who accuses him of being a 'celebrity chef', "I'm not interested in signing a multi-million pound deal that I can conduct a kitchen from an office". I can't help looking back at his early days and marvelling at how well Ramsay played it — the Bramley apple incident and his row with Australian food writer Cherry Ripe are just two examples of how skillfully he used television and the media to build the Gordon Ramsay image into the brand it is today.

Update: The videos have since been removed.

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