The return of the second pancake

A few things happen when you stop posting on your blog. First, TypePad starts to display a "10 Tips for finding new blog topics" banner above your empty new post form that doesn't fail to patronise. Not long after that the spammers notice a long-deserted place to squat, and undo their bindles of incomprehensible comments littered with links to cheap Mexican Viagra. Finally, sadly, understandably, your readers depart for fresher pastures. To those of you who are still reading — because you subscribe to the RSS feed, no doubt — thank you, and sorry.

You see, while I have been busy with work, there are two factors to blame for my radio silence. The first is boring and sounds like an excuse: my laptop is broken so I don't have access to my photos or the photo editing software I use to touch up my Hungry Man frozen meals into passable foodie fare. However far more importantly is that I've spent the last couple of weeks both preparing for and subsequently partaking in 2 and a half wonderful weeks in Japan.

The trip was amazing, interesting, and delicious — thanks for asking — and there will be plenty of time to write about it all. But for now, I rest. Flying nine hours through the sleepless night to start work that day is a surefire way to render restful vacation a distant memory, but the weekend approaches and the markets are open late. And I have new knives.

And I could really go for a home-cooked meal.

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