About the second pancake

The first pancake is a failure. It's pale and doughy from being poured too early by an impatient cook, and if you squint you can make out the Virgin Mary in its misshapen silhouette. The first pancake is for the cook.

The second pancake though, oh yeah. Pancake city. It's perfectly round, and caramel on both sides. It's the pancake you photograph for your blog, and present proudly to your guests. But this website isn't about perfection. It's not even about pancakes. It's about the search for great food (and to a lesser extent, the search for pancakes), and everything that happens along the way.

The second pancake is written from Adelaide, Australia. Adelaide's one of the smaller Australian capitals, but for such a small place it has a lot going for it. We've got one of the best fresh produce markets in the country, Penfolds Wines 15 minutes from the city centre, and the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale winemaking regions at our doorstep. I try to buy local, seasonal produce, but by no means is this exclusively an 'Australian' blog. There will be no shrimp on the barbie (prawns, maybe) or Foster's beer. I do wrestle crocodiles a few times a week, but it's so common down here that it's hardly worth blogging about.

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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Tim. How's things? When I first moved out of home, I lasted about a year before it occurred to me that 2-minute noodles and ravioli in a can were slowly killing my soul. That was four years ago, and since then I have gradually clawed my way back to become a halfway-respectable home cook.

I love to try all foods, but as I'm currently a poor university student (poor me) most of what I eat is home-cooked and attempts to make the most of cheaper ingredients. Joining me is my long suffering taster, who has savoured my triumphs and politely finished whole plates of my failures, gently offering me her constructive criticism afterwards. What a trooper.

Who's Rowan?

Rowan and I went to high school together, and he's a good friend. He enjoys good food, and especially good wine — he's come a long way from the parties in year twelve when we would drink illegally-purchased cask wine as it hung from a clothes line. Unfortunately my knowledge of wine has not progressed, so Rowan has offered to pop his head in once a week to write about the kind of wine that comes in bottles.

Website stuff

This website is, quite obviously, hosted by TypePad. The majority of photographs are stored on Flickr. On that note, if you want to use any of my photos, contact me first. Providing you credit me with a link back to this site I'll probably agree, but it's polite to ask. Copyright and all that.